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A loan for a photovoltaic system (Philips and [So there are many ways to settle your own debts.) For each debt restructuring, the possibility of early repayment of the loan is required. “If you have high debts, taking a quick loan is a good alternative to repay debts, and at the same time many borrowers have problems repaying them.

Loans from the employment agency for debt repayment? 

Loans from the employment agency for debt repayment? 

It is an old loan with a balance of $ 2000, which I have so far paid out at $300 per month. Of course this is not possible for me at the moment, unfortunately the house bank does not take part in another possibility. The corresponding account receipts are then hedged up to a certain amount, but the house bank does not interfere with another variant.

Does your house bank know that you have ALG II? Yes, I have submitted a copy of my permit to the house bank. Therefore not the personal bankruptcy, the procedure around 2000 USD is too violent and really annoying, if I (hopefully) looking for a job soon again. Helpful is only a so-called “P-account” from which only a certain “surplus” could be confiscated.

What goes up to the sum of money on the player’s account, is inviolable, that is: It can not be confiscated; not even from the subway! Going bankrupt because of 2000 is also exaggerated, with more debt it could be useful. However, I would like to ask the secretary to clarify the matter with the house bank.

Possibly a direct deduction over 50.00 USD / month to the UB.

Possibly a direct deduction over 50.00 USD / month to the UB.

You have reduced the debt and the house bank has its own coal. In a hole from which banking institutions and lawyers could not help him, the young man was at the end.

He started his entrepreneurial career in the USA with a carpet company. For him, “overturning houses” was his most profitable corporate strategy. In a hole from which banking institutions and lawyers could not help him, the young man was at the end. After the loss of his properties collapsed his rating.

An attempt was made to get a loan, but the bank did not want to go to him. It was not particularly difficult for him to get a loan because he could not even borrow equipment from Home Depot. He was not sure what he should do next. The now three-time family man and sole source of income, it was crucial for him to settle his debts and to take care of his host family.

When he decided to join a lending circle to supplement his credit and learn more about finance. “Cash is good to buy, but credit makes it easy in the US Credit is just right, you have no credit, you have nothing,” he says. After three years in his insolvency proceedings, he accounts for his remaining real estate business and builds and settles his debts.

After completing his credit cycle, Javier now has a reinstated credit rating, which makes him self-confident to go to a bank and apply for a credit card. Javier was also featured in a video for the 2014 MAF Community Leadership Award, where he shares his story of success and how impressed his host family is by what it has done.

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Does it make sense to take out a loan to reschedule your debts? /does-it-make-sense-to-take-out-a-loan-to-reschedule-your-debts/ /does-it-make-sense-to-take-out-a-loan-to-reschedule-your-debts/#respond Wed, 08 Jan 2020 12:05:30 +0000 /2020/01/08/does-it-make-sense-to-take-out-a-loan-to-reschedule-your-debts/


In general, the higher your residual debt and the longer your loan is outstanding, the more rewarding it can be to reschedule a loan. A loan for the worthwhile start of debt restructuring – despite negative Credit Bureau or bad credit rating. If the old loan is too expensive or has been locked at a very low interest rate, it is often worthwhile to reschedule a loan. In some situations, rescheduling loans can be an optimal measure. However, this does not apply to every borrower and situation, so it is important to distinguish when debt restructuring is actually worthwhile.

You will pay for a debt restructuring. 

You will pay for a debt restructuring. 

Your troubles worth protecting yourself? Are you planning to take out a loan because you have to pay for desirable or urgent needs such as cell phones, vacations, cars, or other necessary purchases? But you have the problem area of ​​a bad Credit Bureau entrance or a bad utilization? In this article you will learn how to avoid falling into expensive credit traps and how to easily get your credit.

Sometimes several high-paying payouts come at the same time and you have a temporary financial bottleneck. In such a case relatives or acquaintances will gladly help you. For many, however, it is not possible to ask relatives or acquaintances for a “worthwhile debt restructuring”. Also, an ordinary financial institution would immediately reject any application for lack of creditworthiness or Credit Bureau registration.

With many options you can also get a credit with unfavorable credit ratings and without Credit Bureau credit information. First and foremost, the customer addresses reputable financial intermediaries who, despite their negative credit ratings, borrow in close cooperation with international financial institutions. The intermediary will especially advise you in finding a loan to the best of your ability.

However, the assistance does not just cover mere mediation. You will be informed by a good financial institution about the financial offer, all advantages and disadvantages shown and supported in the preparation of the documentation for the financing application. Many intermediaries have good connections to less well-known institutions, so there is a great deal of opportunity to negotiate favorable conditions for debt rescheduling.

Even if a case has little chance of success, it can be negotiated. In the case of smaller credit institutions, the creditworthiness of an applicant is still largely checked by hand, so that the intermediary z. B. can understand a negative entry into the power of disposition of the power of disposal of Credit Bureau. Thus, such a booking is not as important in the credit check as in a large bank, where such a procedure is largely automatic.

Such a loan request would not have been worth it at an ordinary bank. The best-known banks that provide their services via the network are the companies Maximda and BON-Kredit. The two intermediaries focused in particular on issues such as rewarding debt rescheduling. Is it true that a credit broker is serious?

If an intermediary is serious, he has a real need to assist you in obtaining a loan for a worthwhile debt restructuring. In addition, the intermediary will not charge you any commission because he will get it from the house bank. A reputable credit broker can be recognized by the following characteristics: whether for a new car, a long vacation trip, an improved mobile phone or the initial capital for your own company – loans from foreign credit institutions are no longer a financing option that you have to keep your fingers crossed for.

In addition to the traditional way to commercial banks, today’s customers also have the opportunity to receive loans from foreign institutions via the network. This has the great advantage that the guidelines for the granting of loans to foreign banks are not as strict as in Germany. Therefore, a negative entry into the Sufa or a negative credit rating in the debt restructuring plays only a minor role.

As a rule, such online loans are refinanced by Swiss banks. As far as the rescheduling rewards are concerned, it is particularly hard for these people to obtain a loan. Individuals who need a loan because they are in financial difficulties often have a hard time. It is precisely people with indebtedness or a lack of creditworthiness who are most in need of the necessary capital.

In such a case, a Swiss loan would be a sensible solution. It is a loan from a Swiss credit institution. Because such credit institutions do not conduct Credit Bureau queries, this barrier to lending is irrelevant. As far as the issue of debt rescheduling is concerned, this situation can be described as being almost ideal.

Of course, you can not get credit from Swiss financial institutions without checking your credit worthiness and various income and securities records. If you worry only about a bad Credit Bureau entry, the Swiss loan could be a real alternative for you, provided, of course, that your credit rating is within the green.

Which aspects should be considered in rescheduling?

Which aspects should be considered in rescheduling?

As a borrower, it is crucial for you to keep the monthly installments for your lending business as low as possible. The loan should also be as variable as possible. These include the ability to suspend redemption for one calendar month and free special repayments. If all this is true, then one can rightly talk about a sustainable way of financing the issue of self-compensation.

Make sure, however, that your credit as a student, self-employed person, pensioner, pensioner, unemployed person, intern or employee is in the way: Basically, the following guiding principle should be observed: In the matter of debt restructuring, the funds required from the start must be as accurate as possible be measured. So do not borrow more than necessary.

It is better to compensate for the scarcely calculated needs through follow-up financing in the form of follow-up or additional financing. The precise control of their own income and expenses and the realistic assessment of their own financial situation are indispensable prerequisites for a required loan. Of course, it’s all about the issue of debt recovery.

In this way, it is not only possible to determine where savings potential still lies, but also the cost allocation serves to assess the correct creditworthiness. It is important to be accurate, careful, and completely honest with all information about your own financial condition and creditworthiness, especially when it comes to debt restructuring, and accurately, carefully and honestly with all the information about your financial condition and creditworthiness.

Those who give the house bank the impression of a reliable business partner by observing the above instructions should actually work with the loan and thus also with the repayment of debt rescheduling.

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Interest rates on unsecured loans and consumer loans /interest-rates-on-unsecured-loans-and-consumer-loans/ /interest-rates-on-unsecured-loans-and-consumer-loans/#respond Thu, 02 Jan 2020 15:12:23 +0000 /2020/01/02/interest-rates-on-unsecured-loans-and-consumer-loans/ Only one bank has changed the interest rate on the loan during the past month. This is what the interest rates on unsecured loans or consumer loans look like in November 2019.

Last month’s price changes are small


The comparison includes 22 banks and financial institutions that report the lowest and highest unsecured loans or consumer interest rates on their pages. Only one of the loan providers included in the comparison has changed the interest rate on the loan in the last month. Less than 8% interest can be obtained from 12 loan providers, nine of which operate entirely without a branch network.

Here’s how the comparison was made: The information was retrieved on the lenders’ website on 5/11/2019. Changes in interest rates are expressed in percentage points compared to the comparison made on October 4, 2019.

Of the comparable lenders, Resursbank has lowered the price of an unsecured loan over the past month, while the lowest and highest available interest rates for others have remained unchanged.

To keep the comparison simple, any opening or account management fees are not included in the table above. Often, however, a lower interest rate means higher fixed costs for the loan. Therefore, it is worthwhile to make a loan comparison, rather than just interest rates, by asking for personal loan offers for the desired loan amount and term. The comparison should be based on the annual percentage rate of charge, which takes into account not only the interest rate but also any other loan costs.

Customer-specific pricing provides flexibility in the granting of credit


Many lenders make a credit decision and charge a loan based on a customer-specific risk assessment. However, as shown in the interest rate table for loans, some lenders have only one Price Range. In this case, the loan decision is either positive or negative, and the credit is not priced according to the customer’s ability to pay in the same way as with custom pricing.

The most advantageous loan or consumer credit for each applicant can be found through competitive bidding. With the help of Ilya of Murom, you will reach dozens of banks and financial institutions that want to make the best loan offer for you.

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What to do if the bank rejects your loan application? /what-to-do-if-the-bank-rejects-your-loan-application/ /what-to-do-if-the-bank-rejects-your-loan-application/#respond Thu, 28 Nov 2019 04:56:02 +0000 /2019/11/28/what-to-do-if-the-bank-rejects-your-loan-application/

Sometimes our loan application is refused. The main reason is usually a dull credit history. Are there effective ways to improve your credit standing? What can you do to get bank loans easily?

How to become a reliable borrower?


Each bank, when we apply for a loan, downloads a data report about us from the Credit Information Bureau .

Why is this information so reliable and all creditors willing to use it? The answer is simple. Because every creditor (usually a bank) records all payments of its borrowers in the BIK database, which is a great source of information for subsequent banks about whether we will repay your credit or loan.

However, the BIK report is not the only factor affecting the acceptance or rejection of our loan application.

In addition to good credit history , salary and employment form are also important . Increasingly, the amount of remuneration and the period for which we have been employed counts. Less often, attention is paid to the form of employment, although this is important information, in some cases, decisively deciding whether or not a loan will be granted to us.

People who are employed periodically and often change jobs are in a worse position. In this case, it is much harder to obtain a long-term loan. It is important to have a stable and regular income received for at least two years.

There are also several proven ways to improve your credit standing by:

  • repayment of overdue liabilities,
  • settling bills,
  • purchase of small RTV equipment (or other) in installments,
  • limiting the submission of credit applications (too many credit applications submitted significantly reduces the credit rating in BIK).

What can prevent you from getting a loan?


Many factors influence the refusal to grant bank loans. Usually, the reason is unpaid other credit or overdue bills (yes, unpaid bills can also affect our creditworthiness assessment in the BIK register).

An incorrectly completed loan application may also affect the refusal. This is quite surprising, but it happens. All you need is the lack of relevant – for the bank – information in one of the headings and it is enough to refuse us a loan. Even mistaken entry in other sections will also result in the same. In this case, you can make a correction and complete the document again.

At the time of applying for a loan online, it is not possible to skip some important steps, and all data must have a specific format, which significantly reduces the likelihood of making a mistake . All this information is additionally verified by the system.

How do you get rid of a bad credit history?

How do you get rid of a bad credit history?

You can use several solutions. One of the most effective is of course the repayment of overdue liabilities, but the entry of arrears will remain. Then it is worth using BIK cleaning .

This solution is possible only in the case of already repaid liabilities. It is not possible to correct or delete entries that relate to financial obligations that are still being repaid.

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Consolidation of consumer loans /consolidation-of-consumer-loans/ /consolidation-of-consumer-loans/#respond Sat, 23 Nov 2019 19:32:32 +0000 /2019/11/23/consolidation-of-consumer-loans/ The arguments put forward by the specialized companies in favor of the regrouping of credits are multiple:

  • Sanitize the finances of the homes.
  • Find purchasing power.
  • To finish with the ends of complicated months.

Our opinion is that all this is true, under certain conditions and with a flat.


Situations in which a redemption of credits is relevant:

Situations in which a redemption of credits is relevant:

1. The repayment of consumer loans in progress must be really problematic. Indeed this operation has a cost, lengthening the reimbursement leads to an increase in the overall cost. (The interest, but also the costs of the company that buys the debts). Therefore, if the budget is really out of balance because of loan maturities, a credit redemption is probably the best solution.

2. We spoke above of a flat: This is the case quite common or a family has used several times the revolving credit . (whose rates are excessively high). We said earlier that a pooling of credits at a cost, but if the household debts are essentially made up of revolving credits . It is possible that a repurchase of credit would allow a saving. (Insofar as the repurchase rate would be notably more interesting than that of the revolving loans)


What does Loanmento offer?


It is a classic solution, it consists of clearing the credits of the customer (no matter where he was subscribed, bank credit company). These different grouped loans and Loanmento’s fees are added together. The result is the amount of the new capital to be repaid.

Then simply choose a monthly repayment amount bearable by the borrower. The repayment period will result directly from the choice of the monthly repayment.




Each credit company has its solution, in fact the legislation is so rigorous that the different contracts are very similar. That is why, in our opinion, the only criterion that makes the difference between credit companies is the interest rate, and here, Loanmento is rather well placed. But the rates are not fixed in time, so it is wise to make several simulations of credit buybacks before signing the best offer.

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Loan loans easy steps to freedom /loan-loans-easy-steps-to-freedom/ /loan-loans-easy-steps-to-freedom/#respond Fri, 01 Nov 2019 23:26:35 +0000 /2019/11/01/loan-loans-easy-steps-to-freedom/

Hello, I have a loan for a flat. Investment debt – an offer conducted for enterprises which intend to allocate funds for investments. The buyer independently makes a declaration of significant commitments in loan companies and income.

The analysis excludes the financial situation of the borrower (not necessary) and his credit history. Establishing a gastronomic establishment, I underestimated the costs, the loan against the ownership of a flat freed me from the problem of arrears for rent and goods when starting a business.

Loans against easy steps to financial freedom

Loans against easy steps to financial freedom

As an entrepreneur conducting activities in which there are payment gridlocks, I needed an urgent injection of cash several times, in every situation I apply for a loan pledged for a loan for real estate, it can be said that I am a regular customer satisfied with cooperation.

The moral should specify your requirements as well as a realistic repayment plan and information about the property that will constitute the loan insurance. Loans at the bottom of the pledge of real estate granted through our company are concluded on the basis of a contract which is read and accepted by a notary public.

A home equity loan is now a very popular

A home equity loan is now a very popular

Form of obtaining funding as an alternative to mortgage loans. Pledged loans are granted up to 50% of the property value on extremely favorable financial terms.

The analysis in the basis of which the loan is granted against the rejection requires verification of the customer at the bottom of his income. Thanks to every question I asked, I was given a clear and clear answer.

The analysis excludes the borrower’s financial standing (not a necessary condition) as well as his credit history. Establishing a gastronomic establishment, I underestimated the costs, a loan at the bottom of a pledge of ownership of the apartment freed me from the problem of arrears for rent and goods when starting a business.

A person paying back six months before the contract ends


For example, a person paying back six months before the contract ends on time does not pay interest for six months that made the earlier repayment. After answering these questions, we are able to adjust the loan and debt relief activities to visit the intentions and capabilities of the Contractors.

Thanks to this loan, the customer has the option of repaying all liabilities as well as bank and non-bank debt. In the first place in every situation we put professionalism, ethics as well as security – both ours and the borrower.

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Rights and obligations of the debtor /rights-and-obligations-of-the-debtor/ /rights-and-obligations-of-the-debtor/#respond Fri, 25 Oct 2019 23:22:57 +0000 /2019/10/25/rights-and-obligations-of-the-debtor/ A large part of the population is struggling with financial problems today. Many are in serious trouble and do not know how to deal with debts. They are afraid of initiating the execution of property. In such a situation, it is worth remembering what the debtor’s rights and obligations are.

Pre-court debt collection


At this stage, debt collectors want to reach an agreement with the debtor through negotiations. However, it depends on the debtor whether the meeting or telephone conversation will take place.

He is not obliged to answer the phone or let debt collectors enter the house. The only thing the debt collector can do in this situation is to send a written notification, which will be the basis for initiating court and enforcement proceedings, i.e. the next stage of recovery.

Court and debt collection

Court and debt collection

This stage begins when the action is brought, and if there is no repayment, it gains momentum when the enforcement clause is issued for the judgment / BTE, based on which the debtor must pay the debt to the creditor. The executor of the ruling is usually the bailiff, as some debt collection companies urge amicable debt repayment after obtaining the sentence, only threatening to involve the bailiff in the case. When the debtor is notified of the enforcement, he has one week to lodge a complaint .

The debtor may also lodge a complaint about the bailiff’s actions with the court at which the bailiff works. The complaint may relate to the bailiff’s activities as well as to the failure to do so. However, this involves a fee of PLN 100.

In the course of enforcement proceedings, the debtor is required to provide information needed for enforcement proceedings. If he fails to do so or provides false information, he may be fined PLN 2,000. Another thing that the debtor should remember is the need to inform about the change of residence – up to 7 days, if he changes his place of residence for more than one month. In the event of abandonment, he may also be fined PLN 2,000.



One way to avoid debt is to strive for limitation. If the deadline is approaching, the debtor should at all costs avoid recognizing the debt (e.g. by granting the creditor that the debt exists), as this interrupts the limitation period. In addition, debt recognition can be considered as a “bargaining chip” in discussions with the creditor. This can help spread the debt into installments or lower installments.

Depending on the type of debt, limitation may most often occur after 2, 3 or 10 years. In the event of a statute of limitations, the creditor is no longer entitled to seize the debtor’s property, provided that the debtor makes the relevant claim.

If legal proceedings are instituted, it should be reported that the claim has expired, which the court will be obliged to take into account in the judgment. It should be remembered, however, that the debt is not forgiven, but still exists.

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Officials Credit 2019 »The loan with very favorable interest rates! /officials-credit-2019-the-loan-with-very-favorable-interest-rates/ /officials-credit-2019-the-loan-with-very-favorable-interest-rates/#respond Sat, 21 Sep 2019 01:31:23 +0000 /2019/09/21/officials-credit-2019-the-loan-with-very-favorable-interest-rates/

An official loan is actually a special form of the classic installment loan with very attractive conditions such as favorable interest rate, long term and high loan amounts.

Unlike many other installment loans, a civil service loan is not earmarked. However, such a loan is always dependent on credit and is assigned according to the personal financial situation of the creditor.

However, a credit check on a civil service loan is usually a standard procedure and is usually completed quickly after examining the non-terminability or security of an official’s job and insight into his or her financial situation. Therefore, the processing of the application for a civil service loan is usually handled quickly.

Among other things, this guide will tell you what benefits such a civil service loan can offer you, whether you qualify for this financial benefit, or whether you can apply for credit even for bad credit or negative Credit bureau.

The special case of a civil servant loan is also explained here.

To apply for credit, you generally expect the following benefits:

To apply for credit, you generally expect the following benefits:

  • favorable conditions: higher loan amounts, lower interest rates and stable interest rates
  • free special repayment and longer terms, even installment breaks possible at any time
  • no earmarking
  • Special benefits such as invalidity insurance or term life insurance

Many financial services providers now offer earmarked loans that can be used, for example, for debt restructuring or mortgage lending.

Such loans typically require extra security. With a civil service loan, you can usually dispose of your money at will. Consequently, you do not have to provide the bank with any evidence of how the money was spent.

Since, in addition to civil servants, civil servants under certain conditions (for example, after reaching the age of 40) can not be dismissed or can only be dismissed for a good cause, many say they have a secure job.

Therefore, civil servants’ loans can be granted for significantly longer durations and with higher loan amounts than is the case with other credit models. It is therefore not rare that the term of such a loan is 15 to 20 years. With appropriate creditworthiness of the customer official loans are awarded with amounts of up to 150,000 USD.

For the same reason, the interest on civil servant loans will usually be very generous, so that you can not only expect lower borrowing rates and annual interest rates, but also with fixed interest rates, which allows you to plan well.

Without Credit bureau query possible.

Without Credit bureau query possible.

A negative Credit bureau entry is not automatically an exclusion criterion when applying for a civil service loan. Rather, it is a sign that the bank needs additional collateral from you, such as the name of a guarantor or a salary assignment.

If you also take out life insurance, you can assign all rights and claims under this insurance to your bank as additional security.



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5 Ways to Save Money | Debts Saving /5-ways-to-save-money-debts-saving/ /5-ways-to-save-money-debts-saving/#respond Fri, 20 Sep 2019 21:39:13 +0000 /2019/09/20/5-ways-to-save-money-debts-saving/

Finding ways to save money is often a real headache. The word savings appears on our head repeatedly, by the head of all those who have to do many dribbles to reach the goal: the end of the month. If many times we find ourselves in the position of arriving really adjusted to the last days of the month, how to save a little money? It may seem impossible to us. But is not. See for the scoop

Ways to save money: the problem is to start

 Ways to save money: the problem is to start

In all cases, the most important and difficult part to start saving money is that: start it. It is not easy to begin to square the personal accounts of each one, when those situations are complicated. That is why you should start by making a mental outline of your financial situation and setting priorities to best address that situation.

We must establish objectives and goals, small milestones to reach. We can not pretend to do it all at once, quickly and having a really bad time. We can stabilize our economic situation with a series of small efforts and get a good basis to start saving effectively and periodically.

5 ways to save money today

 5 ways to save money today

Here we will leave you 5 tricks and ways to save money so that you can balance your accounts first and start saving without taking a titanic effort. Of course, there are many more and everything depends on the personal situation of each one.

  • Pay debts . The debts disarrange any economy that lives permanently adjusted. That is why it is essential to pay off debts before beginning to square other aspects of your accounts. Start with it even if it costs you a lot. In the future you will appreciate it and you can start saving.
  • Day-to-day expenses : meeting a friend for a walk instead of having a beer is a great option. Obvious, but sometimes we neglect this aspect a lot. And, of course, what to say about not overspending on bills. Avoid leaving lights on or spending too much on heating. Obvious, too, right?
  • Avoid caprices : We should avoid any kind of whim. For example, at the beginning of the month we tend to spend on whims since we have, mentally, a false sense of abundance. If you avoid these superficial expenses, you will arrive at the end of the month in a comfortable way and saving.
  • Sell ​​what you do not need Many times we all stop using things over time or do not even start using them. Maybe you do use them but you may have to resort to selling something in a complicated situation where you have to correct something unforeseen.
  • Set saving priorities . This is the most important aspect at the theoretical level. You must take into account what are the expenses that I can do without priority, as well as the successive levels. That mental scheme that you believe in your head will be the first stimulus that will lead you to save properly.

If in any case you do not manage to raise your head and save is mission impossible you can always resort to request a loan online and start balancing your balance of income and expenses.

Start balancing your accounts 

Start balancing your accounts with Credy

You may not find your own ways to save money for some extra expense you did not have. If you have received an unexpected invoice or any type of unforeseen event that you have not counted on and that has caused your accounts to become destabilized again, do not worry. Cridebt personal loans are a solution to the problem of the lack of liquidity that many families find when it comes to saving.

Cridebt is a non-banking entity specialized in advising clients and granting loans. That is why we carefully evaluate each request that comes to us, advising you on which one can offer the greatest interest to the applicant of said credit. We look for what best suits your case, but being you who definitely chooses the accumulation of conditions. At your whim, exclusively. You can have a maximum of $ 5,000 and 30 days to return it. Avoid high expenses in fees and interest offered by banks, in addition to all the paperwork.

With Cridebt you can have cash in less than 15 minutes . You can fill out a simple form and start balancing your accounts today. If you need prior information, do not hesitate to contact us. We are here to advise and advise you on any question. Cridebt is the easiest way to get money instantly , without long formalities, without objections and with maximum transparency towards the client.

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